HUD P260 Data Exchange

HUD P260 Datasheet

HUD P260 Data and Document Exchange for Field Services

HUD P260provides the next level of automation for any business that wants to reduce labor intensive document uploads to the HUD designated website. This solution is delivered as a Cloud-based Service which requires no hardware purchases, software installations, network setup, or ongoing system upgrades and patches from the customer’s perspectives. NetDirector can integrate HUD P260 as a stand-a-lone process or in conjunction with other services.

HUD P260processes incoming documents/images and uploads them to the website.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced Labor – Using this interface can eliminate manual searches and time spent to upload documents
  • Accuracy – Reduces data mishaps and searches
  • Resource Capacity – By eliminating the need for manual processes to upload documents

Figure Below: HUD P260 Data Exchange Process Flow

HUD P260 Data Exchange Process FlowPricing

Standard Document & Transaction Pricing—Tiered monthly pricing by volume levels

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