NetDirector’s Solution to the Healthcare Industry’s Lack of Interoperability

HealthData ExchangeThere have been many cases made as of late about the lack of interoperability between healthcare providers and their EMR software and HIE’s. The difficulties healthcare providers have trying to manage their patients’ records across these systems is costly to their bottom line and can be detrimental to the security of their patients’ records.

Here are two recent articles about the need for interoperability in the Healthcare Industry:

Integrated care needs comprehensive exchange by Charlotte Hovet, MD, physician executive and clinical informatics specialist at Dell Healthcare Services – “Until EMR software becomes interoperable and patient-focused, a powerful integration engine and an HIE capable of creating a unified patient record can bridge the gap and help healthcare organizations deliver better outcomes at lower cost.”

HL7 CompliantNetDirector’s HealthData Exchange is the power integration engine that can help by providing a secure, cloud-based universal translator that solves the “Tower of Babel” challenge. Each healthcare provider has a single internet connection and single data mapping (i.e.:HL7) and NetDirector provides the vendor neutral exchange of data and documents with all their trading partners.

DeSalvo strikes interoperability chord by Bernie Monegain, Editor of Healthcare IT News – “ONC chief Karen DeSalvo, MD, promised an audience of AHIMA members that the government would act “fast into interoperability.” She drew applause when she added, “We cannot wait for 10 years to get this done.””

Healthcare providers shouldn’t have to wait for EMR software to become interoperable and HIE’s to become more patient-focused when there is already a solution available. NetDirector can integrate healthcare providers’ EMR software, HIEs and other healthcare systems so that they can communicate freely in a bi-directional manner, and improve tracking of patient progress with a unified patient record so that the medical professionals can deliver better outcomes at lower costs.

NetDirector’s unique approach to integrating systems has been proven for over a decade and is now available to Healthcare vendors and providers. Start saving you and your patients’ valuable time and money. For more information contact Harry Beisswenger at 813.774.4797 or