2016 Customer Survey Results

The results are in from 2016!

Each year we ask our customers to complete a short but informative Customer Service Survey so that we can continue to provide them with the high-level of service they have come to know and expect. The goal of the survey is to utilize feedback from our customers to fuel growth and transformation where it is most needed in our company.

This year, we presented the results of the 2016 Customer Survey at our Client Conference in January of 2017, and we’re excited to publish them for all to see.

We asked each customer to rate their NetDirector Integration Analyst, our Technical Support team, and to provide feedback on the quality of service they have received over the last year. We are pleased to report NetDirector scored a 4.8 out of 5 on Overall Satisfaction, with a 100% Satisfaction rate among existing clients!

Customer Survey Meter_2015 V2 600x380

Overall Customer Service Experience Ranked 4.8 out of 5 for 2016.

The survey questions included:

  1. How long have you been a NetDirector customer?
  2. How many times have you interacted with your Integration Analyst in the last 12 months?
  3. Please rate your Integration Analyst based on the following…Availability, Knowledge, Professionalism, Timeliness and Overall Level of Service.
  4. Please rate our Technical Support based on the following…Availability, Knowledge, Professionalism, Timeliness and Overall Level of Service.
  5. How would you rate your overall experience with NetDirector?
  6. Please share any comments or feedback with us.


We also had some great comments submitted about our team we’d love to share with you!

Always a pleasure to work with the staff at NetDirector. Very knowledgable and responsive to business needs, and will offer solutions.
Paul is an excellent analyst. We could not be happier with his performance.
In regard to service, I don’t think you could find anyone better than Melissa. She’s been instrumental in our success with using NetDirector.
NetDirector is always very responsive and knowledgeable.
We are very pleased with the level of service. Nicoles is very responsive and great to work with.

Exceptional customer service is our top priority. We encourage feedback on our performance and for convenience – please use the following link for your comments:

New Transaction Type: Invoice Status Request/Response

Transaction Spotlight: Fees and Costs Request

Additional Events for a Variety of Servicers

NetExtract – DeedExtract Spotlight/Updates

NetDirector_NetExtract_Transparent1Learn More about NetExtract Services

NetExtract is a service provided by NetDirector which processes various incoming documents to extract predefined data. The basic service under NetExtract is to extract the legal description from a deed or mortgage. The data is then provided back to the submitter in an XML document which allows for an easy import into your case management system.

We’ve also made some recent improvements to our Referral Extraction – this is a process that extracts and manipulates referral data from the Bank of America MFR spreadsheets.   We have found several of our clients looking for ways to incorporate this data seamlessly into their processing and now NetDirector’s NetExtract Suite has a way to do that.

Additionally, we offer a service called DeedExtract which includes additional fields from the deed/mortgage as well as the legal description.   Fields of a document that can be scanned and included via DeedExtract include, but are not limited to:

  • County
  • Borrower Names
  • Original Lender
  • Loan Date
  • Deed Book, Page
  • Original Amount
  • Property Address
  • Rank, Trustee, Recorded Date, Parcel ID, MIN
  • and many more…

The NetExtract services have a same-day response time if submitted before 3 PM EST.   All of these services utilize OCR technology to extract information from the mortgage documents or the deed, including handwritten information! This requires no additional hardware or software on the firm’s part.  In addition, NetExtract and Deed Extract include a human audit on 100% of data generated.

Take a look at some featured examples and screenshots below:

Invoice Integration 1

This is the scan of the original document we used for our example.

Invoice Integration 2

Here is a quick look at some of the field information pulled from the scanned document via OCR – you can see the fields have been labeled and tied to data labels.

Invoice Integration 3

An example of the long-form text typically included in a deed, like the legal description of the property.

For more information  and to schedule a free demo, please fill out our contact us form or call your integration analyst.



PACER Search Enhancements

Bankruptcy PACER Search Update

There have been some recent updates to the NetDirector PACER Search!

Enhancements to the basic docket extraction include:

  • Court and case information now retrievable
  • Party information such as Debtor, Attorney, or Trustee is now retrievable
  • You can now retrieve key milestone information such as discharge, dismissal, and 341 meeting dates
  • There is NO additional charge for these new data retrievals
pacer 1

An example of the XML return when retrieving Party information.

Phase 2 planned enhancements will involve additional retrievals, such as bankruptcy schedules and bankruptcy plans. Keep an eye out for more updates on our PACER search in the near future.

NetDirector is also currently seeking clients to beta test available and future PACER enhancements. If you are interested, reach out to your Integration Analyst and they can provide more information on our beta test program for current clients.

pacer 2

An example of the XML return when retrieving Court Case information.

For more information or to schedule a free demo, please fill out our contact us form or call your integration analyst.

SCRA Enhancements

Military Search Update

We have recently added a new transaction to our SCRA services, called the Military Search Plus.

This new transaction brings new functionality to the suite – users can now perform a military search on multiple parties simultaneously. The multiple-party search adds repeatable Party information and gives the option to consolidate the returned results into a single PDF document.

The response to the request also contains the number of searches and SSN lookups performed, saving the time and effort of generating multiple individual searches and condensing the results after the fact.


An example of a High Level response.

Pricing will remain the same for the traditional Military Search transactions.

Future enhancement plans include enabling a search to include name permutations (AKA, KA, etc.). We welcome suggestions for additional upgrades to the functionality of the SCRA services.

To make suggestions, request more information, or to schedule a free demo, please fill out our contact us form or call your integration analyst.

Ocwen Equator Transition

equatorOcwen logoTransition from Ocwen to Equator Update

We have new updates regarding the transition from Ocwen to Equator.

The cut-over has been enabled for the bankruptcy referrals, and we can currently send 95% of the data elements from the Equator site.  If your firm wishes to receive these referrals please contact us.

We have heard that the cut-over date regarding foreclosure referrals is scheduled for March 3rd. Once this transition is made a testing period will be needed to ensure the service is 100% accurate with the production site.

REALRemit™ has not changed, but we are awaiting any announcements regarding the transition.

Document uploads are currently still on ResWare and do not have a cut-over date announced at this time.

NetDirector will continue to monitor the status of any changes and updates regarding this transition. In addition, we will build any integration to the data interface as part of this transition. We are committed to making this transition smooth for our current clients, and we look forward to working with you.

The Fannie Mae Eviction, Title, and Closing Orders are also available for testing.

If you have any questions regarding the transition, please fill out our contact us form or contact your Integration Analyst today.

Invoice Integration Spotlight

Black Knight™ and REALRemit® Invoice Integration

By integrating invoices and the corresponding tasks with NetDirector and your current service like Black Knight™ or RealRemit®, you can submit invoices in real-time alongside supporting documents using our Invoice Import Request.

Let’s take a look at the process with Black Knight™.

Invoice Import Requests function as a single transaction and contain both line items and supporting documents. Documents are uploaded and populate the invoice with the appropriate Document IDs. The invoice can then be submitted in real time. The Async Response will deliver a notice of success or failure regarding the submission.

Take a look at this sample XML piece, returned after an Invoice Import Request:

sample xml 1

A sample XML section generated by the request.

In REALRemit®, the process is just as simple.

An Invoice Import Request is sent from the attorney. This is a single transaction that includes documents and line items.

The NetDirector automated process performs a log-in through REALTrans. Once inside, it automatically combines like Expense Codes and Line Items, uploads documents to corresponding line items, generates the notes in the format required by REALRemit and validates the submission by logging out and back in to see if the invoice is posted.

There is a returned Async Response that notifies the user of success or failure. Here is a sample of the XML from the process with REALRemit.

sample xml 2

A sample of the XML from REALRemit Invoice Integration.

The biggest benefit of leveraging the power of Invoice Integration is obviously saving time and resources. In fact, one firm that implemented the integration reported saving 30 FTEs by using the service! Additional benefits of using the Invoice Integration include:

  • Single Invoice Transaction
  • Upload of supporting documents
  • NetDirector manages 21 WS calls/requirements for Black Knight
  • Consolidation of like Line Items for REALRemit®
  • Creation of Notes for REALRemit®
  • Eliminates double entry / keying mistakes

For more information – contact us here or reach out to your Integration Analyst today.

Black Knight V3 Update February 2016

What does my firm need to know about Black Knight V3?

Upgrades are always intimidating – even updating the software on a smart phone can sometimes bring major issues – but this isn’t the case with NetDirector and Black Knight.

We’re here and ready for you to upgrade to V3 – if you’re currently handling the integration yourself, you can let us take over as the integration specialists to save yourself the development and maintenance time.

As for changes, a major upgrade has been made to the retrieval of referrals.   Where there was formerly a queue, there are now separate web services to obtain loan, referral and step description information.  In addition to this, it is the responsibility of the integrator to identify what is new to what has already been received.  There are also additional fields available in V3 for referrals, such as Client Region Code.

Standard Event integration has also received an upgrade – There are now 4 separate web services calls (step completion/DDF/Comments/Vendor Reference update) compared to the 1 in V2.  However, if you are currently integrated with NetDirector in V2 for standard event, you do not need to change anything.

Previous deficiencies in V3 have been addressed by Black Knight as the SSN functionality (able to receive the last 4 of SSN) and Document Upload limits match what is in V2.

The deadline to submit the migration forms to Black Knight was 12/31/15 – if your migration form was not submitted prior to this date, contact your Integration Analyst at NetDirector or your Black Knight representative for pricing on the upgrade.

  • V3 Functions
    • Referrals and Workload – LIVE!
    • Documents (upload/download) – LIVE!
    • Doc Request available in V3 in November 2016 Standard Events (basic) – LIVE!
    • Launch Process/Add Hold/Fees & Costs/All other transactions – LIVE!
    • Standard Events (DDF’s) – LIVE!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us online or reach out to your Integration Specialist for more help.