Harry Beisswenger on Job Talk Radio St. Pete

Harry on Job Talk RadioRecently, Harry Beisswenger, CEO of NetDirector, was interviewed on a local online radio station, Radio St. Pete (Radioisotope.com).

Radio St. Pete is a 24 hour online and mobile radio station focused on the Tampa Bay area. Mr. Beisswenger sat down with Dean Logan, the host of Job Talk. Dean Logan interviews top local business leaders for ”Job Talk”, which, airs at the noon hour throughout the month and the shows are archived on the RadioStPete homepage. Read more

Securing NetDirector’s Cloud-Based Data Exchange

What does security mean to you?CloudSecurity

For each of us it means something different depending on what we want to secure. For some it may mean setting up a home alarm system to protect the family, locking the car doors to secure valuables, or saving enough money to secure one’s livelihood for 6 months in case of a layoff or medical emergency.

Whatever you are trying to secure it is important to have a high quality security system in place with a proven track record to prevent intrusions.

Due to the overwhelming increase in vulnerability of the small to mid-size businesses, our goal at NetDirector is to secure our data exchange software so that our customers and service providers are confident their valuable data is safe and secure.

How does NetDirector secure the data exchange software?

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Welcome to NetDirector’s Default Servicing and Healthcare Blog

Welcome to our new blog!blog-world

NetDirector has been committed to providing top notch customer service and we believe our blog will be another opportunity for us to reach our customers, servicers, partners, and prospects, while keeping them up-to-date on the latest industry news, software updates, company news, and community involvement. Please take a moment to save our blog and RSS feed.

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