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TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — NetDirector, a leading provider of cloud-based data and document exchange services, launched their new PACER Combo Search service. KML Law Group, P.C. (“KML”) was instrumental in assisting with final development and testing phases by utilizing the current infrastructure of their innovative integration workflow technology.

KML Law GroupKML Law Group represents New Jersey and Pennsylvania creditors in all aspects of loan resolution, including home retention, loan modification, foreclosure and eviction matters, bankruptcy and REO closing representation. They have utilized NetDirector’s cloud-based data exchange previously for referrals, events and document download automation. The PACER Combo allows them to add document uploads to their automated transaction portfolio.

NetDirector_Bankruptcy_transparent1NetDirector’s PACER Search Combo is one of NetDirector’s most innovative transactions to date.  With the combo, NetDirector not only performs the PACER search to verify if a person has filed for bankruptcy, it also has the ability to upload the search results automatically into Black Knight Financial Services’ LoanSphere® Foreclosure/Bankruptcy application, a workflow-based technology that streamlines processes and facilitates the communication between law firms, mortgage servicers and other service providers to effectively manage loans in bankruptcy. Additionally, the PACER combo search can be run with or without the borrower social security number.

Michael McKeever with KML Law Group, P.C., an esteemed customer and Northeast based law firm, commented, “We were happy to assist NetDirector in the build out of the new PACER Combo Search. KML handles many PACER transactions each month and the automation will improve our business process and make us more efficient. We look forward to our continued working relationship with NetDirector to automate more of our data exchange processes.”

NetDirector’s PACER Search Combo combined with their current suite of premium services, including Military Search Combo, standalone PACER Search, SSN Finder, Death Search, and Name & Address Search are helping Default Servicing law firms and servicers automate business processes while staying compliant. NetExtract, an OCR technology that converts and formats legal descriptions from mortgage documents, and our name and address correction/validation service, round out NetDirector’s suite of premium services.

NetDirector partners with our customers, like KML, to deliver real world integration solutions,” noted Harry Beisswenger, NetDirector’s CEO. “We are very appreciative of the KML team and their efforts to test and validate this new service which will benefit the entire default servicing community.”

For more information about NetDirector’s new PACER Search Combo service, please contact us at or call 813.343.0971.

Company Bio:

NetDirector provides a secure cloud-based data and document exchange solution for the healthcare and mortgage banking industries to deliver seamless interoperability between parties. NetDirector bridges gaps created by disparate systems & technologies by allowing companies at any location to share data & documents securely over a single internet connection with any other member of the ecosystem. Our approach can be re-used in any industry where trading partners need to collaborate and exchange data in a seamless bi-directional, real-time manner. NetDirector currently processes more than 7 million transactions per month.

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