logo 304TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 18, 2014  — NetDirector, the top provider of cloud-based data and document exchange services for the mortgage servicing industry, recently deployed the highly anticipated interface. After weeks of development and collaboration, our developers and our client, Wilson & Associates, were able to successfully integrate the new service and have begun submitting eligible properties to, the country’s leading online real estate marketplace for residential and commercial properties.

Default Servicing attorneys are required to market foreclosed properties for their servicer or investor clients, which makes this new service essential for NetDirector customers and the entire default servicing ecosystem. NetDirector has made it easy for current customers to quickly and easily ramp up to this new automated service by utilizing their existing connection to NetDirector.

“Our entire business model is built around the concepts of transparency and efficiency, and this new interface will make working with more efficient and more transparent for NetDirector customers,” said Eric Johnson, Senior Vice President of “As real estate transactions move online, products and services used in the process need to evolve and improve as well. The new NetDirector integration is a great example of that.”

Typically, when a default attorney needs to post a foreclosed property to a website like, they have to manually submit the information or use a data feed. Having a team member manually submit each foreclosure is time consuming as is developing and maintaining an internal connection to submit a data feed. The new NetDirector interface takes the hassle out of the process and automates submissions to

“Our goal is to continue to develop new and innovative integration services that add significant value to our customers operations,” commented Harry Beisswenger, CEO of NetDirector. “Our incredibly knowledgeable team has done it yet again by designing and implementing this new set of bi-directional sale type transactions providing both and our attorney network many time saving benefits.”

For more information about NetDirector’s new integration and how you can start benefiting, please contact us or call 813.343.0971.

Company Bio:
NetDirector provides a cloud-based data and document exchange solution to improve process efficiency and standards compliance. NetDirector partners with industry specific subscriber networks to provide a solution that allows them to move data and documents between disparate systems securely over a single connection. NetDirector’s data exchange solution can be utilized by multiple industries including Mortgage Banking and Healthcare. Contact us to see how you can benefit from automating your business processes, or 813.343.0971.

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