Military Combo Search and PACER Combo Search

Military Combo Search and PACER Combo Search

Tampa, FL – May 28, 2014 –NetDirector, a leading provider of cloud-based data and document exchange services, recently launched their new Military and PACER combo searches utilizing their innovative integration workflow technology. Both groundbreaking process automation options complement NetDirector’s current suite of premium services including their standalone Military Search, standalone PACER Search, SSN Finder, Death Search, Name & Address Search. NetExtract, an OCR technology that converts and formats legal descriptions from mortgage documents also enriches the premium suite of offerings.

NetDirector is proud to introduce their Military Search Combo for Black Knight™ Desktop, which is a “triple threat” transaction combining Military Search, Document Upload, and Launch Process with one client request. The standard Military Search allows customers to track the borrower’s military status without leaving their case management system which reduces data entry errors and timelines. With the combo, NetDirector not only performs the military verification, it also uploads the certificate and launches the process automatically within Black Knight™ Desktop. This allows attorneys/trustees to outsource multiple time-consuming business processes. This search can be run with or without the borrower social security number.

NetDirector is also pleased to present the PACER Search Combo for Black Knight™ Desktop. It is one of NetDirector’s most innovative transactions to date. With the combo, NetDirector not only performs the PACER search to verify Bankruptcy data, it also uploads the docket within Black Knight™ Desktop automatically. This service saves time from a development stand-point and removes one step in the process. This search can be run with or without the borrower social security number.

Todd Stoltz with The Law Offices of John D. Clunk Co., L.P.A., a valued customer and Ohio based law firm, commented, “We are extremely pleased with NetDirector’s Military Search Combo service which has significantly helped our law office simplify our business process automation by combining 3 steps into one. NetDirector also continually provides excellent customer service and tech support; we look forward to a long working relationship as they continue to innovate and expand their service offerings.”

“NetDirector is committed to innovation and customer service,” noted Harry Beisswenger, NetDirector’s CEO. “We listen to our customers’ needs and develop new solutions that meet those needs with added benefits. Our goal is to always stay ahead of our competition and to help simplify our customers’ business process automation, saving them time and money.”

For more information about NetDirector’s new Military Search Combo or PACER Search Combo services please contact us at or call 813.343.0971.

Company Bio:
NetDirector provides a cloud-based data and document exchange solution to improve process efficiency and standards compliance. NetDirector partners with industry specific subscriber networks to provide a solution that allows them to move data and documents between trading partners securely over a single connection. Industries with high levels of data and document transactions between multiple networks benefit greatly; the Mortgage Banking industry is a prime example. NetDirector now processes more than seven million data and document transactions each month.

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