Our state-of-the-art platform enables disparate and incompatible systems to seamlessly communicate worldwide. NetDirector offers complete support for industry communications and file format options including: web services, FTP/s, HTTP/s, XML, delimited files, email and many others.

We have achieved this by layering the communication process with industry standards which trading partners “map” to in NetDirector. This avoids having to pass around proprietary schemas and custom code to each trading partner.

Technology Advantages

  • Technology Platform: NetDirector is not 20 year-old technology with the Internet “bolted on”. We have developed the system in J2EE/jBoss/Flex technology to span across industries and to meet future business needs.
  • Security: Maintain a very high level of security and data integrity through a 2048-bit encryption algorithm, physically secure data centers (located at Peak 10 facilities).
  • Vendor Neutrality: Most companies with data exchange products have only a handful of customers, making ongoing maintenance and support costs difficult to justify. NetDirector is neutral to all trading partners and software platforms – providing appeal to a much larger customer base.
  • Store and Forward: NetDirector is capable of handling situations where a receiving party may be down or not operational. NetDirector will store during downtime and forward after service resumption. This process will reduce staff overhead for monitoring and reconciling off-line transaction issues.
  • Self-Service Web Application: We have developed web application that allows customers to create their own data mappings, setup new transactions and view a myriad of dashboards and reports. This self-service approach means when an interface is needed between you and a trading partner – the capability will be there for you to setup, manage, and test the interface without our help.
  • Document Attachments: Any document file type including MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, etc. can easily be attached to any transaction.