Working on the go? Our new Mobile Web Application allows you to check essential data while on the go using your hand-held mobile device or tablet. Mobile version 1.0 includes features from the Web Application including:

  • A Monitor screen that displays the total Queue, Log, and Error transactions in the system. For multi-participant users, the monitor shows information by transaction type for each participant. You are also able to filter by Queue, Log, and Errors.
  • A System Status screen that allows multi-participant users to switch participants, put transactions on hold, and display a system status which can be filtered by transaction type.
  • A Login screen that will remember your Email/Login name by activating the Remember Me checkmark. If you have forgotten your Password, select the Forgot Password button. Reset your password by entering your Participant ID and answering a security question.
  • A Edit Transaction Holds screen that will allow you to place all transactions on hold (Suspend All), place on hold by transaction type, or place individual transaction types on hold by participant.
  • A Search and Resend screen that allows you to search for Queue, Log, and Error Transactions and then resend the selected transaction.

Resource efficiency is a priority at NetDirector and we are constantly looking for new ways to enhance our client’s capabilities. For more information on the mobile web application, please contact your Integration Analyst.

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