Physical Security

We’re data exchange providers to the mortgage, healthcare, collection industries as well as other services providers who want their data stored in a secure environment. That’s why NetDirector uses Flexential to host our servers. If you’re interested to know just how extreme their physical security is, read on…

  • Card/PIN Access – Proximity card and PIN access to enter the building.
  • Card/Biometric Access – Proximity card access with biometric fingerprint scans to enter the data center.
  • Secured Server – Physically secured servers and devices within locked (unique combination) cabinets.
  • Surveillance – Video surveillance throughout the facility, monitored 24X7X365.
  • Detection Devices -Vibration and motion detection devices located throughout the data center.

Data Security

NetDirector relies on ProtectPoint for 24/7 Intrusion Detection & Prevention Monitoring, Thawte for security certification, Sophos for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Dell SecureWorks for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).  NetDirector maintains one-level higher security than “online banking” through 256-bit encryption and IP verification. The following security measures are in place to help protect the data of our customers:

  • 256-Bit SSL/TLS Communication – Digitally signed certificates are used to secure servers, protect data encryption and process user authentication.
  • Unique Logins – All clients are supplied with unique usernames and passwords.
  • Intrusion Detection – Rule-based, authentication level controls employed to alert necessary personnel and prevent account activity after detecting attempted account intrusion.
  • IP Verification – IP verification capabilities to deny all except that which is explicitly allowed.
  • SOC 2 Compliant – Completed Audit for Security, Availability and Confidentiality
  • Best Practices – Our knowledgeable team provides professional services, support and implementations exceeding industry standards for security regulations.