Fannie Mae DMRS Update

Fannie Mae DMRSWhere we stand today

Firms are up and running with automated DMRS reporting!

  • Firms in Group 1 have been submitting Alpha and Control files
  • Firms awaiting FNMA sign-off to move to production

If I am not in Group 1, what do I need to know?

  • What group am I in?
  • Need to review the data dictionary and find what events are required in my states
  • For the events I am required to report on, what data is required to be sent with them.
  • FNMA requires that you supply the field that will be used to populate the required data elements.
  • I will need to complete the FNMA workbook to receive codes for all the servicers I do business with for FNMA.
  • Once your firm receives SFTP information from Black Knight, please forward to your integration analyst.

Alpha & Control Files

  • Alpha goes through NetDirector and we will email back to firm as part of the onboarding/testing.
  • Firms are responsible for emailing control files to FNMA (does not get processed through NetDirector)

FNMA email address: