Field Service Organizations, do you face any of the following challenges?

  • Are your employees keying in property preservation updates and photo upload multiple times between vendor web sites and your property management system?
  • Are your employees spending valuable time researching and monitoring customer service issues due to data entry or missing photo errors?
  • Do you confront staffing nightmares due to transaction volume peaks and valleys?
  • Are you allocating critical IT resources to build and maintain a myriad of data interfaces with trading partners instead of focusing on core business needs?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then NetDirector can provide a compelling business solution for your company. You connect once to the NetDirector Data Exchange and we handle the rest — by managing all bi-directional communication and translation to your data trading partners.

Field Service Exchange Transformation

Over the last several years, there has been a significant and continuing shift in the burden placed on regional field service companies as it relates to client requirements. During this same evolutionary period, technological tools have continued to be introduced to the industry in an effort to enhance servicer compliance due to the uptick in the regulatory environment. Virtually none of these tech tools have been delivered to the benefit of the regional field service provider. At NetDirector, we believe the time is now for the regional provider to gain a benefit through process automation and take back the margins that have been lost.

Figure Below: The Field Service data exchange ecosystem has 6 types of trading partners, including: National Field Service Companies, Regional Field Service Companies, HUD P260, Government Agencies, Background Checks and Associations such as National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS).

Field Service Ecosystem

Benefits to Those Joining the Exchange

A single, universal connection to NetDirector’s Field Service data exchange provides for bi-directional data and image routing between a provider’s system and all of their active clients, suppliers and trading partners. Specific benefits include:

  • Transformative efficiency improvement across the entire network. A transformation in how results flow between the national and regional systems is critical to profitably operate in the post-crisis era we have entered. To meet regulatory and servicer requirements in this new age, the end-to-end field service system must be seamlessly connected.
  • Eliminates the need to develop and maintain data interfaces to multiple systems by transferring information built on disparate platforms. For instance, nationals, regionals, technology providers, and other trading partners can be connected by one universal connection. By eliminating custom transaction development and maintenance, your IT resources can concentrate on strategic revenue generating projects.
  • AddnewField Service relationships without the need to develop labor intensive point-to-point interfaces.
  • Grow volume while reducing staff by drastically reducing the need for finite processor resources to manually key data from your property management system to your client websites all day, every day, in order to ensure timeline compliance and effectively communicate with your clients.
  • Ensure data consistency and integrity by eliminating double keying errors. Processing times from the field will be significantly reduced and resources can be reduced or redeployed to perform more critical functions. Transform your Processors into QC Analysts.
  • Simplification of change control management when making database modifications by mapping to NetDirector’s centralized Field Service data exchange rather than each individual trading partner and supplier’s system.
  • Avoid having to pass schemas or custom code for each trading partner connection – it’s a build once, use many times approach.
  • Consumption based pricing provides a flat-fee subscription model by transaction volume ranges. This pricing method equates to a predictable monthly expense without a high up-front capital outlay.

Take Action Today

If you manage a proprietary service platform, NetDirector’s Field Service data exchange can serve as your communication’s bridge to all of your national client sites and to your full suite of trading partners and suppliers. If you license one of the commercial platforms available in the market, you should demand they provide your company with a connection to NetDirector’s Field Service data exchange so that you can transform your back-office operations environment and take back the margins you have lost in the last 5 years. We all know that servicers are not paying more, and nationals are not taking less, so the ONLY way to increase your margins are to become more efficient in how you process your data updates to your client sites. NetDirector’s Field Service data exchange resolves this issue for our clients.

For more information check out the datasheets for individual services below. Contact Us or Request a Free Demo to start saving time and money.

Property Preservation Automation

Preservation Automation Datasheet

Properrty Inspection

Property Inspection Datasheet

HUD P260

HUD P260 Datasheet