Property Inspection Data Exchange

Property Inspection Datasheet

Property Inspection Data and Document Exchange for Field Services

NetDirector’s Property Inspections transaction set provides order, results, and photo delivery automation between national and regional field service platforms. Orders are received into the supplier system and upon completion by the field rep, the results are transmitted to the national client system via a web service connection along with the required set of photos. This solution is delivered as a cloud-based service which requires no hardware purchases, software installations, network setup, or ongoing system upgrades and patches from the customer’s perspectives. Multiple national field service client systems are supportable. This program represents the next level of field service automation tools.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced Labor – Using this interface reduces manual order processing and virtually eliminates the back-office bloat traditionally associated with regional field service operations
  • Accuracy/Efficiency – Reduces data mishaps and significantly improves scorecards by reducing timelines
  • Resource Capacity – By automating the delivery of order results and associated images

Figure Below: Property Inspection Data Exchange Process Flow from National to Regional and back

Property Inspection Process Flow from Nationals to Regionals


Standard Document & Transaction Pricing—Tiered monthly pricing by volume levels

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