NetDirector’s HealthData Exchange in a Nutshell

It’s all about the patient. Whether you are a healthcare provider or vendor, NetDirector’s HealthData Exchange allows YOU, to electronically move clinical and financial data among disparate systems such as labs, pharmacies, government agencies, hospitals, imaging centers, etc., while adhering to HIPAA security and HL7 compliance standards.

Click the video below for a short visual explanation.

Top Reasons to Integrate with NetDirector

  1. Cloud-based “zero footprint” solution; no need for hardware and/or software on premise
  2. “Set it and forget it” data mapping – allows you to map data (i.e.:HL7 or other) once during set-up. The data will be transformed to the correct format of the receiver during transport
  3. Fewer internal IT resources needed. Manage a single connection to NetDirector instead of multiple integrations to each disparate systembadge
  4. Less time being spent on technology and inputting data means you and your team can provide a better patient experience by optimizing the continuum of care
  5. Achieve Interoperability and Attest to Meaningful Use Stage 3 –qualify for incentives and avoid fines
  6. Security you can trust – NetDirector is certified HIPAA compliant (and SOC2 compliant as well), and so is our data center; you can rest assured that every stage of the transaction has passed a rigorous third-party examination.

Healthcare Ecosystem with NetDirector HealthData Exchange

Send data from any type of trading partner in the HealthDate Exchange ecosystem like above.

How it Works

  1. Connect with NetDirector using your preferred method: Web Services, SFTP, Secure Email, Socket-based communications, HTTPS and more
  2. Choose your preferred data format: HL7, XML, JSON, CSV, TXT, PDF, DOC and more
  3. NetDirector handles the heavy lifting of the integration and sets up your single data mapping per transaction type (i.e.: HL7 ORU & ADT)
  4. Your providers and vendors need to complete steps 1 – 3
  5. Start sending and receiving data from all your providers and vendors
  6. NetDirector manages integrations with a network of healthcare systems
  7. With the support of our dedicated integration analysts, continue automating and improving your efficiencies

It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

What makes NetDirector different?

  1. The foundation of the HealthData solution is a standard data model, a “map once, use many” method for all providers versus single point-to-point custom interfaces
  2. The standard single data mapping was originally based off of HL7 data elements
  3. The standard mapping has evolved to eliminate unwanted and uncategorized data that always ended up in a Z-segment
  4. The evolution of this approach is controlled so that all providers using the system have the exact same standard mapping
  5. By standardizing and normalizing, the data systems can talk without the need for expensive development resources and manual data entry

Now to get a bit more technical…

HealthData Communication

Each customer can choose how they connect to the HealthData Exchange. Here are some examples of commonly used communication methods:

  • Web Services
  • SFTP
  • Secure Email
  • Socket-based communications

Let NetDirector simplify the process by letting you choose your communication protocol. NetDirector reduces the amount customers have to work directly with their trading partners by managing the initial integration including data mapping and continual proactive monitoring of all connections.

Standard Data Model

With so many data formats used today, including: HL7, XML, CDA, JSON, CSV, TXT, PDF, DOC, it can be confusing deciding which to use.

Are we all to conform to one format?

The answer is, NO, and NetDirector’s philosophy is simple; you choose your data format and we will do the heavy lifting to transform your data being sent and received.

“Set it and Forget it”

This is the key to the entire system.  There is a standard data mapping for each HL7 transaction (i.e.: ORU, ADT, etc.) that each provider/vendor sets up once. These data mappings are constantly being updated to accommodate the need for new data elements, so that everyone on the exchange can utilize them. This method provides consistency across all connections and healthcare providers.

Single Integration Approach

Once a healthcare provider or vendor enables their initial connection to NetDirector’s HealthData Exchange, they are done. Down the road, if they need to modify their data mapping (i.e.: add new field), they can use simple drag and drop functionality.

Figure Below: Traditional Interfacing vs. HealthData Exchange Interfacing

Traditional Interfacingvs.NetDirector's Interfacing


We built our HealthData Exchange taking into account the most important necessities to our customer base

NetDirector has been built and optimized from the ground up for the Cloud since 2003. Some highlights of the HealthData Exchange cloud include:

  • Tier Two Plus data center
  • Redundancy at every level
  • A high-end database
  • Next generation security
  • Store and forward during offline
  • Proactive monitoring of connections and transactions
  • Easy to use web application with dashboard reporting

NetDirector has proven scalability and is currently processing over 10 million data and document transactions per month.

NetDirector has developed a platform that allows hospitals and physicians to connect once to the HealthData Exchange and instantly have access to dozens (and eventually hundreds) of healthcare providers and vendors via pre-defined integrations. For more information, please Contact Us or Request a Free Demo.