Client Testimonials

Perhaps the greatest testimonial of all is what our clients are willing to say about their experience with NetDirector. The following quotes are from just a few of our many network participants:

“We chose NetDirector to replace our current strategy of setting up point-to-point HL7 integrations with each customer.  We were also impressed with their ability to adapt their level of operational involvement to meet the complex needs of healthcare interoperability. With NetDirector, we believe that we can improve client integration turnaround time and reduce on-going support overhead.”

Ivo Yueh, Director of IT Software Development
Envision Physician Services

“We want to provide the best possible patient care, to the maximum number of patients, while minimizing the need for human intervention in the process. By utilizing the NetDirector integration, it has allowed us to take our staff’s focus off of the day-to-day busy work, and shift focus to providing unmatched patient care.”

Dan Balentine, Chief Operating Officer
American Health Imaging

“Joining the NetDirector ecosystem will help myCatalyst connect faster with even more EHRs and HIS systems, and provide for better coordination between components of healthcare. This will allow our customers to achieve optimal efficiency and healthcare outcomes through data integration and collaborative care.”

Robin Foust, Co-owner & Co-developer

“NetDirector’s ability to simultaneously, accurately, and cost-effectively move critical patient information, to multiple partner platforms, allows us to deliver a service that both saves cost and generates real revenue to our customers. After searching for many months, we are excited to have finally found an integration partner that actually deliver on true interoperability, one of the biggest gaps in healthcare.”

Reynold Yordy, Chief Technology Officer
Health Logix

“NetDirector’s cutting edge integration technology allows A101 to more accurately monitor their member’s compliance. Specifically, the ease in which we are able to routinely access the Controlled Substance Database using their automated process gives A101 the critical assurance that members are not seeking drugs beyond their treatment program.”

Laurie Peregoy JD, Director of Program Compliance
The Recovery Platform

“It was a great experience working with NetDirector. Their HealthData Exchange solution will help change the landscape of Health IT for years to come. We look forward to helping Healthcare providers and physicians achieve interoperability through the use of this cloud-based data exchange.”

Robert Johnson, CIO