Healthcare Providers, are you tired of:

  • Significant upfront Interface fees?
  • HL7 projects that take up to 6 months?
  • Manually handling faxes that originated in an EMR/EHR?
  • Needing to integrate to dozens of referrers?

Then you have come to the right place!

  • NetDirector uses the “integrate once” approach per vendor
  • NetDirector uses true data standardization
  • NetDirector’s “Managed Services” means no HL7 engineers needed
  • NetDirector’s Cloud-based model eliminates the need for IT resources
  • NetDirector is an industry first Health Application Platform

HealthData Exchange Services for the Healthcare Industry


NetExtract Data and Document Exchange for HealthcareNetExtract – document to text conversion, extract values from image and transfer information into database



NetAlertNetAlert Data and Document Exchange for Healthcare – search for specific message types, extract values to prompt further action



eRecording for HealthcareeRecording – automates the recording of medical lien documents to save time, increase productivity and eliminate unnecessary paperwork




Immunization RegistryImmunization Data and Document Exchange for Healthcare – allows users to communicate in real-time with all 50 state immunization registries.




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