Controlled Substance Database Integration

NetDirector’s cloud-based integration with Controlled Substance Databases allows providers involved in addiction recovery care to seamlessly monitor and compare data with the controlled substance databases to ensure patients involved in recovery are not seeking drugs beyond their treatment program. The Controlled Substance Tracking automation is utilized by integrating with the state-sponsored websites via a cloud-based, one-to-many style integration which allows practitioners and counselors involved in addiction treatment to stay informed and expand their ability to treat addiction disorders.

States currently integrated and available:

  • Delaware
  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Other states available on demand

Controlled Substance Tracking features:

  • More accurately monitor compliance with addiction programs
  • Automate the process to compare controlled substance use among multiple data sources
  • Routine and “hands-free” access to the Controlled Substance Database
  • Bidirectional integration allows lab testing partners, providers, and databases to communicate with each other
  • Data is routed and translated to the appropriate format without draining labor resources
  • Zero-footprint cloud-based Integration-Platform-as-a-Service


The Controlled Substance Tracking Cloud-based Pricing Model is based on a per extraction/use pricing.  For more details on pricing and delivery options, Contact Us or Request a Free Demo.