HealthIT Interoperability Solution for Healthcare Providers

Health IT InteroperabilityInteroperability has been a hot topic across the healthcare industry for some time now, especially with Meaningful Use Stages 1 – 3 which launched in 2011. CEOs, CIOs, CTOs among others have all been discussing and searching for the right solution to the Interoperability challenges facing the Health IT industry today and to meet the deadlines for the Meaningful Use stages.

Here are what some of the most prominent leaders in Health IT are looking for to meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements…

  1. HIPAA Security
  2. Interoperability between disparate systems
  3. Use data to provide meaningful information that can be used to make clinical decision

Healthcare providers, hospitals, patients and others are all searching for a solution that will provide seamless integration between healthcare provider systems allowing them to exchange information, better analyze and transform the data into meaningful information used to make clinical decisions, and handle these tasks with ease and speed while maintaining all data within HIPAA compliance.

Health IT Interoperability Obstacles:

  1. High turnover, low tenure of Health IT leadership
  2. High cost to integrate with many trading partners
  3. Time consuming to integrate with many trading partners
  4. Slow adoption of Meaningful Use Stage 2
  5. Multiple interface engines used by the healthcare industry
  6. HL7 Standards
  7. HIPAA Security

How NetDirector’s HealthData Exchange Can Help Overcome Interoperability Obstacles:

  1. Cloud-based, vendor neutral HealthData Exchange
  2. You keep your current interface engines/EHRs/EMRs
  3. Healthcare providers integrate with NetDirector just once and instantly have access to a host of vendors and trading partners via pre-defined integrations
  4. NetDirector manages all integrations to physicians, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, radiologists, government agencies, insurance providers, outside providers, etc. through the exchange hub
    Physicians' HeathData Exchange Trading Partner Relationship

    Example: HealthData Exchange Hub for Physician or Physician Group

  5. NetDirector coding and software updates for all vendors systems
  6. NetDirector will exchange data via HIPAA compliant security protocols
  7. NetDirector follows HL7 standards or custom configured scheme of your choice
  8. NetDirector provides data mapping so you can send and receive data in the format of your choice
  9. NetDirector utilization drastically reduces the integration maintenance time and expense
  10. Allows disparate systems to communicate across the HealthData continuum so data can be used for making clinical decisions and enhance the continuity of care

To learn how you can integrate with NetDirector and their healthcare exchange hub, contact Anthony Box for a free demo.

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