Mortgage Lenders can now easily integrate and exchange data with disparate systems using NetDirector’s Data Exchange

The constantly evolving regulatory environment continues to distress the mortgage lending community in America. Many companies participating across the lending continuum find themselves hampered by unsustainable technology enhancement requirements, the related expenses, and find themselves at increased exposure to potential complications in conforming to the new rules of the road.

For those companies who continue to seek the right balance between managing seemingly endless system integration projects and the costs / risks associated, NetDirector provides any company in the lending space with a compelling business solution that effectively minimizes these risks. We offer a data exchange service that utilizes the MISMO 3.x standards as the basis of the data dictionary which drives the transaction mapping infrastructure necessary for you to promptly begin trading data with any business partner in the network. Because we built our lending exchange on the MISMO standards, mapping to a TRID compliant set of transactions has never been simpler, or less time consuming. The graphic below illustrates how you can participate in the exchange regardless of the exact space within lending that your company occupies:

Mortgage Lender Data Exchange | TRID Compliant

You connect once to the NetDirector Data Exchange by mapping to a transaction set and we handle the rest — managing all bi-directional communication and translation to your data trading partners. Once you join the exchange you no longer can be held hostage by endless system integration projects and expenses. You will be able to trade data with all participants on the exchange, and any new partner can easily join the exchange just as you did, and have access to all others within the exchange. NetDirector provides a new way of transacting with your business partners!

Benefits for Mortgage Lenders

  • Enhanced capability to communicate and collaborate with service providers
  • TRID Compliance
  • Speed in transaction processing
  • Reducing partner collaboration costs
  • Enabling greater responsiveness in serving customers
  • Improve speed to market
  • Eliminate the need and expense to manage future data integrations projects

NetDirector’s Transaction Set for Mortgage Lenders includes the following:

  • MISMO 3.x Mapping
  • SCRA Compliance
  • Bankruptcy Search via PACER
  • eRecording
  • Name & Address Search
  • Document / Image Delivery
  • And many more…

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