Default Management Vendors and Loan Servicers do you face any of the following challenges

  • Are you allocating critical IT resources to support data interfaces with disparate attorney case systems instead of focusing on core product advancements and revenue generating projects?
  • When making database modifications, are you confronting change control nightmares due to technical differences amongst customer systems?
  • Are you having to pass database schemas or custom code to each attorney or trading partner to assist with initial and ongoing integration mapping?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then NetDirector can provide a compelling business solution for your company. You connect once to the NetDirector Data Exchange and we handle the rest — by managing all bi-directional communication and translation to your data trading partners.

NetDirector includes connections to a growing attorney network.

Benefits For Vendors and Servicers

  • NetDirector provides re-usable default servicing centric transaction set (i.e.: Foreclosure Referrals, Bankruptcy Referrals, event updates, etc.) to streamline integration and speed deployment of new clients.
  • NetDirector eliminates the time and cost involved to develop and maintain custom point-to-point interfaces with disparate attorney case management systems.
  • NetDirector provides a single point of contact by handling communication and support for individual attorney clients.

Business Process Automation for Mortgage Loan ServicersNetDirector’s Transaction Set for Default Servicing Vendors and Mortgage Loan Servicers includes the following:

  • Military Search w/ SSN Finder
  • Bankruptcy PACER search w/SSN Finder
  • Foreclosure Referral
  • Bankruptcy Referral
  • Milestone/Standard Events
  • Messaging
  • Name & Address Search
  • Death Search
  • Document/Images
  • Invoice Management
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Reinstatement/Payoff
  • And many more…