We are a service company not a software company.

A software company sells you the tool and then you own the results, good or bad. A service company is a partnership. We work with your business until the end result is 100% right for you – no settling for average outcomes. We will engage you with ongoing new feature releases, best practice suggestions, process reviews and recommendations, training for new enhancements and more. You are our client and we are your trusted partner. At NetDirector, it’s all about relationships.

The purpose of the NetDirector Data Exchange is to:

  • Provide a standardized exchange format for transactions between multiple parties in many industries.
  • Provide a centralized hub through which data transaction information would pass and then be relayed, to the appropriate recipients. By interacting with only one hub, parties would not have to maintain data interfaces to multiple data trading partner’ systems.
  • Allow for information interchange in a variety of transmission formats that accommodate the various requirements and capabilities of the data trading partners on the data hub.
  •  Offer a Cloud-based model that provides a low barrier to entry, including the ability to do flat fee billing based on transaction volume ranges.
  • Provide the ability for network participants to manage their data and identify problem transmissions so that they may resolve them.
  • Offer the ability for the many smaller organizations that do not have significant in-house Information Technology resources to easily interact with the hub.

Vertical Industries have always strived to move to a standardized way of exchanging information. This applies to both transactions and communication methods. NetDirector delivers on this goal by providing a means to standardize without sacrificing flexibility. Participants on the NetDirector Network are involved in defining the standards.