The Federal court has several bankruptcy court district and divisions upon which bankruptcy dockets are available for verifying bankruptcy filings. NetDirector’s Bankruptcy PACER integration suite alleviates the manual need to log in to multiple court sites and/or manually search for the bankruptcy filing -thereby reducing timelines.

NetDirector’s Bankruptcy PACER integration suite currently provides multiple interface capabilities including: National and Regional (PACER Plus) searches, automated document/docket retrieval, and prior case searches. The round trip data interface allows NetDirector subscribers to send requests to the PACER Case Locator site to search for current and prior bankruptcy filings. The automated response can include information on cases filed in other districts/divisions and links to current and prior case dockets and documents. More importantly, returned searches and dockets have live hyperlinks within the PDF documents – saving time by eliminating the need to re-key search information and providing a direct link to cases and docket information for future retrievals. The data and documents can then automatically import into the client’s case management system. This streamlined process allows firms to avoid unnecessary labor costs while boosting resource productivity by eliminating manual searches.

Did you know our Bankruptcy PACER Suite comes with all of these unique complimentary features?

• Receive the party name on the search results page
• Sort the order of the docket (i.e. most recent docket entries first)
• Redact the SSN from the search page PDF
• Indicator for possible case closing to ensure speedy foreclosure recommencement
• Sort the PDF results in order from active cases to no search results (PACER Plus only)
• Enhanced internal logic to make sure all your responses have been returned


Bankruptcy PACER Plus

Improve your hit ratio with our new Bankruptcy PACER Plus search.  This service is an enhanced version of our popular PACER standard search. PACER Plus checks both National and Regional databases for bankruptcy filings and provides immediate results thereby reducing overall risk during the sale process.


“Our processors are already seeing the benefits of eliminating data entry for PACER requests as well as streamlining future searches with the docket retrieval” said John Major, applications manager at Pierce & Associates.  “This new automated approach provides significant labor savings while improving data accuracy.”


Bankruptcy PACER & PACER Plus Cloud-based Pricing Model is based on  round trip transaction and includes: request, response, and one document (Docket or Search Results).  For more details on pricing and delivery options, please contact a NetDirector representative at (813) 343-0971 or info@netdirector.biz.