One of the challenges is that most servicers do not supply the full Social Security Number (SSN) with the referral.  Our SSN Finder service will

  • automatically recognize the missing SSN in the client’s request and will obtain it automatically
  • perform the search, and return the response with certificate
  • incorporate business logic at time of the request

If you submit the last 4 numbers of the borrower’s SSN, we can also match the results of the SSN search and continue with a Military Search, PACER search, etc. If multiple SSN’s are found for a borrower, and no match is made with the last 4 of the SSN in the request, or the last 4 were not submitted with the request, the response will include additional information (AkA’s, DOB, Phone Number(s), etc.) on each SSN found.


  • Eliminates manual web site search and CMS data entry
  • Reduces data mishaps and search
  • Improves timeline management and servicer scorecard
  • Increases resource capacity
  • Limits liability with proof of search certificate


For more details on pricing and delivery options, please contact a NetDirector representative at (813) 343-0971 or info@netdirector.biz.