Each year we ask our customers to rate our performance.

We are very proud to announce this year we achieved a 100% satisfaction rating, and a 4.83 out of 5.00 overall score!

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2019 Overall Customer Service Experience Ranked 4.83 out of 5.00

Client Testimonials

Perhaps the greatest testimonial of all is what our clients are willing to say about their experience with NetDirector. The following quotes are from just a few of our many network participants:

“Netdirector has played a key role in increasing system and workflow efficiency across multiple departments. With the processes and checks they have in place we can feel assured that the integration is working and accurate. I have worked in the foreclosure industry over 17 years and NetDirector is by far the best thing to come along for firms in the past decade. The level of integration is second to none when comparing to other options out there.”

D. Crum
Rubin Lublin, LLC

“Our entire business model is built around the concepts of transparency and efficiency, and this new interface will make working with Auction.com more efficient and more transparent for NetDirector customers. As real estate transactions move online, products and services used in the process need to evolve and improve as well. The new NetDirector integration is a great example of that.”

Eric Johnson, Senior Vice President

“I again want to take this time to compliment Darren. He is one-of-a-kind and really wonderful to work with. He’s so smart, and he always figures out a way to make things happen. You got a real gem the day he walked through your door. I also want to say that Michael and Gary have been wonderful to work with. They are always very responsive, and help any way they can. NetDirector seems to have a knack for hiring great folks.”

Vicki Jones, Systems Application Analyst
Sirote & Permutt, P.C.

“NetDirector’s data exchange service has been instrumental in serving our clients. It has provided a solution that integrates with our case management system (CaseMax) and allows us to better automate our business processes, resulting in the most efficient use of internal resources and at the same time improving client communications.”

Mike Zevitz, Shareholder

“We are very pleased with the quality of NetDirector’s centralized support and innovative technology platform.” said Ed Rudd, vice president of information technology at MDK.  “Their data transformation and centralized transaction mapping will allow our firm to automate complex event updates including LPS Desktop forms such as judgment entered, sale results, etc.  We see NetDirector as a trusted technology partner that allows us to focus on our core competencies instead of spinning our wheels chasing new interfaces.”  Our firm is already seeing the benefits of eliminating duplicate data entry by automating a myriad of client milestone events improving our client scorecards in the process.”

Ed Rudd, Vice President of Information Technology
Manley Deas Kochalski, L.L.C.

“We are very pleased with the quality of NetDirector’s service and support team. We had struggled for years to develop and maintain a myriad of direct interfaces that were becoming costly and inefficient to manage. NetDirector has allowed us to focus on our core competencies by managing our data & document integration needs. Our firms are already seeing the benefits of eliminating data entry and manual business processes for military search, document uploads, and milestone events.”

Ron Llewellyn, Associate Director-Application Services
Barrett Daffin Frappier Turner & Engel, L.L.P

“Our firm recently began a relationship with NetDirector in order to automate some routine steps when processing a file. Our experience has been very positive and we’ve already seen some productivity improvements and enhancements. Our assigned analyst is extremely knowledgeable and was with us every step of the way during implementation. We’ve been very satisfied with the level of support received from NetDirector. When we call or email to report an issue, our analyst was always back within a few hours with a solution or notification that the issue has already been resolved. That proactive approach and dedication to customer service is critical to a law firm with file processing that is time sensitive. Overall, we’ve had a very successful implementation working with our analyst. We look forward to further enhancing our relationship with NetDirector in the future.”

Thomas H. Kline III, Director of Information Technology
Parker McCay P.A.

“It is essential that we have a reliable data exchange service that provides data and document automation with our Case Management System .  NetDirector has proven to be a reliable and trusted technology partner.  Our firm is seeing many benefits of working with a flexible data exchange service that is able to adapt to industry changes in a timely fashion.”

Default Services Department Head
Rogers Townsend & Thomas, PC

“We implemented our first phase of NetDirector for receipt of Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Referrals. The interface has been straightforward to implement, and the NetDirector staff has been extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful in their support. The NetDirector concept allows our firm to exchange data with numerous clients without building and maintaining separate interfaces for each. We also eliminate much of the redundancy and possibility of errors that previously existed.”

Rita Speas, IT Director
Wilson & Associates, PLLC

“Pierce & Associates, PC,  has chosen NetDirector to be our primary integration tool to provide a bi-directional interface between our in-house case management system and the various referral and reporting systems in the industry.  We also expect to be able to integrate with various vendors we work with as they come on line with NetDirector. After a good deal of research and analysis, we determined that NetDirector was the best solution from a cost and operations perspective. Our in-house programming staff will only need to build one interface with NetDirector as opposed to interfaces with the numerous systems now in use. We expect to significantly reduce the time our staff expends in updating these systems, which in turn should add efficiency and profitability to our firm.  As more parties connect to NetDirector, and as a critical mass is achieved, we envision that NetDirector will be able to further develop standards in the industry for reportable events and delay and hold issues. This should be a benefit to all the trading partners in the default servicing community. We are also pleased that the various system developers, such as VendorScape, NewTrak, Countrywide, LenStar, etc., are working with NetDirector to build workable bi-directional interfaces.”

Denis Pierce, Managing Partner
McCalla Raymer Liebert Pierce, LLC

“I have worked in this industry for several years and have integrated with many systems with varying success. NetDirector is one of the easiest systems to integrate with as well as understand. Mapping and communicating to NetDirector has been very smooth so far with few enhancements to the Case Management System. The team at NetDirector is by far the most service orientated I have had the pleasure to work with. They are intelligent and highly innovative in an industry looking to standardize.”

John Kaltz, Application Director
McCalla Raymer Liebert Pierce, LLC

“We were pleasantly surprised with the ease and speed of deployment.  We went live with automated Referrals in less than 15 business days with VendorScape, LPS, LenStar, and Countrywide!  NetDirectors QuickStart implementation process and support team provided a streamlined approach to interfacing with multiple disparate systems.  We also like the User Group meetings that allow us to collaborate with other customers to share best practices. Our partners are looking forward to the immense time savings our staff will experience as we eliminate reporting system double-entry and improve our resource capacity.”

Dan Arcaro, IT Director
Fein Such Kahn & Shepard, PC

“Our firm implemented the Fannie Mae DCS/Quandis Interface with NetDirector.  We were faced with a situation that would have required manual processes or spending high dollars on custom interface development.  This situation really exemplified the advantages of being a NetDirector subscriber.  The system transition was relatively painless, since NetDirector had already mapped and tested the transaction with DCS/Quandis.  We mapped our data fields in the NetDirector Web Portal and did some transaction simulations.  Within a week we were sending Foreclosure Files, Proof of Claims, Motion for Relief, and related event updates.”

Jim Comiskey, IT Director
Codilis & Associates, P.C.