NetDirector Integrates with REALRemit®

REALRemit Invocing and Payment System by AltisourceNetDirector now integrates with REALRemit®, Ocwen’s invoicing system for default servicing firms. If you are still manually submitting vendor invoices, stop what you are doing and call NetDirector now. Here at NetDirector, we can provide an interface where your firm can automate the submission of an invoice quickly and easily.

NetDirector’s connection with REALRemit® brings great value to our clients in terms of cash flow management and visibility, reduces costs and virtually eliminates the time spent by dedicated resources manually submitting invoices.


  • Submit XML invoices to Ocwen’s platform REALRemit®
  • XML structure aligns with Black Knight’s LoanSphere Invoicing
  • Line item Category/Sub-category are listed in the data dictionary
  • Documents are submitted within invoice


  • Allows firms to submit invoices via automation
    vs. manual input
  • Save est. 5-10 minutes per invoice
  • Only one Category/Sub-category can be submitted per invoice. If separate line items are sent, NetDirector will combine prior to submission


  • Invoice Import counts as 1 base transaction.
  • Any documents will count as 1 document transaction

For more information about how to get started with our REALRemit® Integration or any of our other integrated partners, please contact your Integration Analyst or Gretchen Borer at 813.343.0971 or