NetExtract – DeedExtract Spotlight/Updates

NetDirector_NetExtract_Transparent1Learn More about NetExtract Services

NetExtract is a service provided by NetDirector which processes various incoming documents to extract predefined data. The basic service under NetExtract is to extract the legal description from a deed or mortgage. The data is then provided back to the submitter in an XML document which allows for an easy import into your case management system.

We’ve also made some recent improvements to our Referral Extraction – this is a process that extracts and manipulates referral data from the Bank of America MFR spreadsheets.   We have found several of our clients looking for ways to incorporate this data seamlessly into their processing and now NetDirector’s NetExtract Suite has a way to do that.

Additionally, we offer a service called DeedExtract which includes additional fields from the deed/mortgage as well as the legal description.   Fields of a document that can be scanned and included via DeedExtract include, but are not limited to:

  • County
  • Borrower Names
  • Original Lender
  • Loan Date
  • Deed Book, Page
  • Original Amount
  • Property Address
  • Rank, Trustee, Recorded Date, Parcel ID, MIN
  • and many more…

The NetExtract services have a same-day response time if submitted before 3 PM EST.   All of these services utilize OCR technology to extract information from the mortgage documents or the deed, including handwritten information! This requires no additional hardware or software on the firm’s part.  In addition, NetExtract and Deed Extract include a human audit on 100% of data generated.

Take a look at some featured examples and screenshots below:

Invoice Integration 1

This is the scan of the original document we used for our example.

Invoice Integration 2

Here is a quick look at some of the field information pulled from the scanned document via OCR – you can see the fields have been labeled and tied to data labels.

Invoice Integration 3

An example of the long-form text typically included in a deed, like the legal description of the property.

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