Ocwen Integration Suite

Ocwen logoThe Ocwen Integration Suite is Here!

NetDirector is now integrated with the entire Ocwen Suite to bring our customers more ways to automate business processes and improve operational efficiencies. Customers can now exchange data with REALResolution, REALTrans, ResWare, and REALRemit through a single integration to NetDirector.

If you are currently running any of the following transactions manually and through individual integrations, request a FREE demo today!

Ocwen Integration Suite


  • If your firm is part of the DMS Group, you can get FC referrals through the data interface.
  • Your firm will have the ability to acknowledge the referral and pull the information from the “Referral Letter” on REALTrans®.


  • Pull the information from the “Referral Letter” to acknowledge the referral on REALResolution™.


  • Document repository.
  • Firms can upload required documents to ResWare automatically from their Case Management System.
  • Uses standard document transaction for quick implementation.


  • Allows firms to process invoices in real-time.
  • Firms can prepare, submit and track invoices along with supporting documents in less time.
  • Provide asynchronous responses (success/failure) with the most useful data parsed out for exception handling.
  • Monitor, store and forward if the recipient service is unavailable.


  • Improve process efficiencies with automation
  • Improve standards compliance
  • Reduce data entry time
  • Reduce labor costs

For more information, contact your Integration Analyst or Darren Meiggs at darren@netdirector.biz or 813.345.4634.