Securing NetDirector’s Cloud-Based Data Exchange

What does security mean to you?CloudSecurity

For each of us it means something different depending on what we want to secure. For some it may mean setting up a home alarm system to protect the family, locking the car doors to secure valuables, or saving enough money to secure one’s livelihood for 6 months in case of a layoff or medical emergency.

Whatever you are trying to secure it is important to have a high quality security system in place with a proven track record to prevent intrusions.

Due to the overwhelming increase in vulnerability of the small to mid-size businesses, our goal at NetDirector is to secure our data exchange software so that our customers and service providers are confident their valuable data is safe and secure.

How does NetDirector secure the data exchange software?

DellSecureWorksNetDirector partners with Dell SecureWorks to enhance the security of our platform. Gartner’s 2014  “Magic Quadrant for Global MSSPs”  recognizes Dell SecureWorks as an industry leader .

Dell SecureWorks assists in the monitoring and management of our data center security, designed to accurately identify real-time security risks and works in conjunction with our other security measures to enhance our overall security posture.

NetDirector has also completed a security audit and was awarded the AICPA SOC 2 (Service Organization Control) Type 2 certification status based on the following:

  • Overall system security
  • System Availability (NetDirector had 99% up-time in 2013)
  • Processing Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Information Privacy

How does Dell SecureWorks benefit NetDirector’s clients and service providers?

  • 24/7 monitoring and management allows for faster reaction times
  • Prevents intrusions and security breaches
  • Real-time reaction time in the event of a security breach
  • Assists with compliance
  • Enhances security posture
  • Adds peace of mind

Increasing automation across industries and broader access to sensitive information are expanding the risk of data breaches. Avoiding these data breaches without disrupting workflow or limiting rapid access for authorized users can be challenging and almost impossible to prevent them all. Unfortunately, data breaches are not rare events. Most systems without proper security in place that have been breached aren’t even aware there has been an intrusion until months later after the damage has been done.

Information and IT security services can be complex and time consuming. When your company integrates with NetDirector, you can be sure your system and information is secure without incurring extra resource costs because we have the security system and resources in place to protect all our connections.