Mortgage Document Automation

Default (i.e.: Foreclosure & Bankruptcy) attorneys and trustees deal with thousands of documents on a daily basis. These documents consist of Mortgages, Notes, Deeds, automate 2Assignments, Breach Letters, and many more. To retrieve these documents they need to go to various mortgage servicer (“servicer”) web sites (i.e.: LPS Desktop, VendorScape, etc.) and download the selected documents to their case or document management systems. Once downloaded – they attach or index the documents to the appropriate foreclosure or bankruptcy case file(s). These same firms also are required to upload documents (REO, HUD, affidavits, title, etc.) to these same servicer sites.

There is a much better way to handle document download/uploads by utilizing a document interface. Some of the major servicer platforms offer web services to poll for documents both at time of referral and add-ons. The attorney firm/trustee’s can enable their case/document systems to auto index/attach these electronic documents directly to the appropriate files. These same web services offer the ability to upload documents directly to the servicer platforms.

By automating this resource intensive/error prone process – firms can save thousands of man hours, reduce document mishaps/exception handling, and increase their capacity to handle more files. Document automation leads to increased profit margins and greater business viability.

Harry Beisswenger