Ocwen Equator Transition – Updates for Attorney Firms

equatorOcwen logoTransition from Ocwen to Equator Update

We have new updates regarding the transition from Ocwen to Equator.

The cut-over has been enabled for the bankruptcy referrals, and we can currently send 95% of the data elements from the Equator site.  If your firm wishes to receive these referrals please contact us.

We have heard that the cut-over date regarding foreclosure referrals is scheduled for March 3rd. Once this transition is made a testing period will be needed to ensure the service is 100% accurate with the production site.

REALRemit™ has not changed, but we are awaiting any announcements regarding the transition.

Document uploads are currently still on ResWare and do not have a cut-over date announced at this time.

NetDirector will continue to monitor the status of any changes and updates regarding this transition. In addition, we will build any integration to the data interface as part of this transition. We are committed to making this transition smooth for our current clients, and we look forward to working with you.

The Fannie Mae Eviction, Title, and Closing Orders are also available for testing.

If you have any questions regarding the transition, please fill out our contact us form or contact your Integration Analyst today.