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SCRA Enhancements

Military Search Update

We have recently added a new transaction to our SCRA services, called the Military Search Plus.

This new transaction brings new functionality to the suite – users can now perform a military search on multiple parties simultaneously. The multiple-party search adds repeatable Party information and gives the option to consolidate the returned results into a single PDF document.

The response to the request also contains the number of searches and SSN lookups performed, saving the time and effort of generating multiple individual searches and condensing the results after the fact.


An example of a High Level response.

Pricing will remain the same for the traditional Military Search transactions.

Future enhancement plans include enabling a search to include name permutations (AKA, KA, etc.). We welcome suggestions for additional upgrades to the functionality of the SCRA services.

To make suggestions, request more information, or to schedule a free demo, please fill out our contact us form or call your integration analyst.