Steamlining Service of Process (SOP)

A foreclosure case is referred to an attorney by a mortgage loan servicer to represent them in foreclosure proceedings. A process server is hired by the attorney to physically deliver foreclosure related documents to all defendants on a foreclosure case. Most Judicial states require service of process (SOP) to be carried out by licensed process servers. Some process servers provide other field services such as: tenant inspections, sale attendance, Blog_serving_papersoccupancy verification, etc.

As the mortgage banking industry embraces electronic data exchange – major process servers such as ProVest and Firefly Legal have enabled their proprietary case management systems to transmit data and documents with their trading partners (i.e.: attorneys). There are also SOP software providers such as: Database Services/Process Server Toolbox and LoyalDog Software that are interface enabled.

The following are some of the data and document transaction feeds that are available for automation:

  • File Upload – Attorney to Process Server
  • Defendant Upload – Attorney to Process Server
  • SOP Update – Process Server to Trustee
  • Sale Attendance – Attorney to Process Server
  • Tenant Inspection – Attorney to Process Server
  • Documents – Bi-Directional (i.e.: Affidavit, Date Stamp Complaint, Service Return)
  • Invoice – Process Server to Attorney

Foreclosure file level and defendant level information is sent to the process server to create a file on their system. Once the process server makes contact with the defendant – they will send file and defendant level updates to the attorney case management system. Typical updates include notes, tracking event information for complaint filed and service complete.

Streamlining SOP and other field service related functions benefit all parties involved by: reducing labor, controlling costs, improving data purity, trimming timelines, and improving servicer performance. If your company is involved in this process chain – implementing an electronic data exchange strategy could prove invaluable to your business…

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