The Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) requires foreclosure attorneys/trustees check whether borrowers are active duty military members.  NetDirector’s Military Search interface streamlines this process and allows subscribers to check active duty status without leaving their case management systems (CMS) which alleviates data keying errors and reduces timelines.

Military Search 

The Military Search interface contains a request, response, and document/certificate.  This round trip transaction allows NetDirector subscribers to send requests to the Department of Defense (DoD) and within seconds receive their response with a certificate of the actual search.  The response transaction includes active military status, start/stop date, and branch of service.  The “certificate” is in the form of a PDF document and provides necessary proof if the case goes to litigation.

Military Search Combo

One of our most innovative products to date; Military Search Combo for Black Knight is a “triple threat” combining Military Search, Document Upload, and Launch Process with one client request.

SSN Finder

One of the challenges is that most servicers do not supply the full Social Security Number (SSN) with the referral.  Our SSN Finder service will automatically recognize the missing SSN in the client’s request and will obtain it automatically, perform the search, and return the response with certificate. As an added layer of sophistication, we also incorporate business logic at time of the request.  If you submit the last 4 numbers of the borrower’s SSN, we can match the results of the SSN search and continue with the Military search.  This new feature reduces the development effort required if multiple SSN’s are found for a borrower and minimizes the manual labor required to successfully receive a DOD certificate.  The other feature includes additional information in the response.  If multiple SSN’s are found for a borrower, and no match is made with the last 4 of the SSN in the request, or the last 4 were not submitted with the request, the response will include additional information (AkA’s, DOB, Phone Number(s), etc.) on each SSN found.

SSN Display Options – NEW!

Some servicers may require that the entire Social Security number be redacted in the Military Search results. With each Military Search you can choose how you would like the SSN to be displayed; “N” to display the full SSN, “Y” to display only the last 4 digits of the SSN and “E” to redact the entire SSN. You can be certain which ever servicer you are working with, you will be able to meet their requirements.


  • Eliminates manual web site search and CMS data entry
  • Reduces data mishaps and search
  • Improves timeline management and servicer scorecard
  • Increases resource capacity
  • Limits liability with proof of search certificate


We are very pleased with the quality of NetDirector’s service and support team.” said Ron Llewellyn, associate director – application services at BDF Law Group.  “We had struggled for years to develop and maintain a myriad of direct interfaces that were becoming costly and inefficient to manage.  NetDirector has allowed us to focus on our core competencies by managing our data & document integration needs.”  Our firms are already seeing the benefits of eliminating data entry and manual business processes for military search, document uploads, and milestone events.”

“We came to NetDirector with this request and they were able to deliver extremely quickly – within a week they had a transaction built and ready for testing” said Ron Redmer, software development manager at BDF Group “We started using Military Search for Trott Law Group, Michigan. It has worked so well that we now utilize it in Indiana (Feiwell & Hannoy) and Minnesota (Wilford & Geske). With this automated service, our processors are saving valuable time managing their day-to-day activities. We are seeing significant value and cost benefits from implementing the Military Search service.”


Military Search Subscription Pricing Model is based on a per round trip transaction and includes: request, response, and certificate document.  For more details on pricing and delivery options, please contact a NetDirector representative at (813) 343-0971 or info@netdirector.biz.