Convert PDF to DICOM in real-time without using on-premise, licensed software.

NetDirector has launched a new service that supports enterprise level PDF to DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) conversion in a real-time fashion (specifically, DICOM Encapsulated PDF).  This service is delivered in a zero-footprint environment that integrates to the customers RIS/PACS system.

DICOM Conversion features:

  • Avoid pricey licensed software and on-premise workstations
  • PDF to DICOM currently available; other DICOM imaging formats will be developed as customer demand dictates
  • Reduce labor associated with conversions and manual data entry
  • Leverage the imaging and messaging standards of DICOM across otherwise disconnected systems
  • Data is routed and translated to the appropriate format without draining labor resources
  • Zero-footprint cloud-based Integration-Platform-as-a-Service


The PDF to DICOM Conversion Cloud-based Pricing Model is consumption based and involves no long-term contracts.  For more details on pricing and delivery options, Contact Us or Request a Free Demo.