NetDirector’s entire network infrastructure is designed around providing the best data exchange service possible. After all, it’s the only thing we do! We have built a totally redundant network – there is no single point of failure in our setup. That includes connectivity, load balancers, as well as on-line backups and disaster recovery site.

Our data center stack is configured in a fully clustered environment. If a server in the cluster becomes congested or unavailable, the other clustered servers are able to automatically take over. NetDirector’s virtualized technology stack consists of Kemp Load Balancers, jBoss Application Servers, Oracle Database Servers, and 50 TB Storage Area Network.

This fault tolerant setup is the primary reason why our uptime remains at 100% for most months. It also reduces the need for scheduled maintenance that would usually take down your data exchange temporarily.

We use reliable software that is well tested before being put into any live environment. Our hardware is thoroughly tested as well before being used. All this helps keep our cloud up near 100% of the time. We’re data exchange providers to financial services providers, attorneys, healthcare providers, and other subscribers that require a highly secure environment.

NetDirector is connected to multiple data centers in different geographic locations that are continuously updated and available to seamlessly go live as needed. This provides disaster recovery and hot-site swapping, ensuring minimal to zero downtime for clients.

Peak 10 LogoThat’s why NetDirector uses Peak10 to host our technology stack. Peak10 is undoubtedly the most secure and professional provider of data center space worldwide with the most current certifications including, PCI DSS , HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II, and SOC 3. For more information view Peak10 Tampa Data Center.