Looking for a “one stop shop” to manage all of your NetDirector functions? Our Web Application allows you to configure the data passing in and out of your system through NetDirector, monitor the status of your data and control the flow of information, making it one of the most streamlined applications in the industry.

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The Web Application is a feature rich web based application that provides easy drag and drop editing, real time trend analysis through a dashboard and reporting. With the Web Application you can:

  • Edit mapping information to control the format of XML you send to and receive from NetDirector.
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  • Set up Web Service, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP Post, Restful services or Email connections used to receive transactions and responses from NetDirector.
  • Edit and control security for users within your company using the web application.
  • Monitor the overall status of the system including the total Queue, Log, and Error transactions in the system. For multi-participant users, the monitor shows information by transaction type for each participant. You are also able to filter by Queue, Log, and Errors.
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  • Run real time response, transaction, billing and invoice reports and setup automated report delivery. Export and print reports.
  • Quickly search for specific transactions in the queue, log or error log.
  • Place all transactions on hold (Suspend All) or transactions on hold by transaction type and/or participant.
  • Simulate sending for testing or manually upload/download transactions.