Military and PACER Search New Features

 NetDirector Enhances their Military and PACER Search Verification Servies

The current Military Search service allows customers to stay in compliance with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), which requires that foreclosure attorneys/trustees and mortgage loan servicers check whether borrowers are active duty military members. NetDirector’s Military Search allows customers to initiate real-time searches to check active duty status without leaving their case management systems (CMS), alleviating keystroke errors and reducing timelines. The Military Search can be run with the borrowers social security number (SSN) or Date of Birth (DOB), and the SSN can be auto redacted from the search results.  Additionally, customers can search for missing SSN’s and even upload search results directly to a Default Vendor System.

The PACER bankruptcy searches both regional and national databases. This round trip transaction allows customers to search the PACER Case Locator site for new bankruptcy filings or for updates on existing cases. The search result PDF displays any current or prior case filings.   Both the search result and the docket PDF’s contain active hyperlinks allowing you one-click access directly to that case or docket entry on the PACER site.  This allows clients to choose which documents they wish to download, avoid unnecessary costs and increase productivity by eliminating the need to manually search for cases each time.

Military Search Verification Services | Data Exchange | Business Process AutomationMilitary Search Enhancements – New SSN Display Options

NetDirector’s first improvement came about because of a change in loan servicing requirements. Customers can now choose how the SSN is displayed on either the Military or PACER Search results page.  Customers have 3 choices, “N” to display the full SSN, “Y” to display only the last 4 digits of the SSN and “E” to redact the entire SSN. No matter which servicer our attorney customers are working with, we have an option that will meet their requirements.

NetDirector_Bankruptcy_transparent1-300x298PACER Search Enhancements – Search Docket Updates by Date Range

Another new feature that was developed for the PACER Search is the ability for customers who are doing active bankruptcy searches to be able to search for updates to the docket by date range. This was a client requested enhancement, to eliminate receipt of duplicate information and helped to lower their PACER fees by limiting the number of pages being returned.

The final new development is for PACER searches. Customers now have the ability to search for open cases should the most recent case be closed.  Previously, when a firm performed a PACER search, the response and docket returned would be the most recent case whether it was closed or open. This function is beneficial when a bankruptcy is filed by mistake and the case is closed.

For more information on our Military Search or PACER Search services and to schedule a free demo, please fill out our contact us form or call Gretchen Borer, National Account Manager, directly at 813.343.0971.

Military Search Requirements – Utilizing Technology to Ease Compliance Woes

Utilizing Technology to Ease Compliance Woes

The Service Members Civil Relief Act was enacted by congress to suspend enforcement of civil liabilities for active duty members serving our country. Actions such as foreclosure sale and evictions are generally prohibited while the member is on active duty with the exception of certain court orders. This essentially requires real estate default firms to Blog_Complianceconduct military searches on their defendants at critical stages of the foreclosure process including initial referral receipt and prior to the foreclosure sale. Not only must the search be performed, but proof of the search and supporting documentation is now being required by some key servicers. This puts the burden on the firms to gather, store and communicate this information to servicers and their third party systems. However, some firms are using this as a chance to enhance their technology in an effort to save time, labor costs and ensure compliance.

A recent case study was done by a law firm in which they used technology to comply with the Service Members Civil Relief Act. Following are the processes they have automated with the assistance of services provided by NetDirector. In addition, their next step is to upload the supporting documentation via automation to the client system as well. Read more