Black Knight V3 Update 1

Black Knight V3What does my firm need to know?

  • What is different from how I receive/send information now?
    1. Referrals
    2. Standard Events
    3. Async Responses
    4. The July 12th release includes SSN functionality and Bankruptcy information as previously in Version 2
  • Is there a reason I should make the transition?
    1. New Enhancements will only be offered in V3
    2. Black Knight is covering the implementation cost until December 31st, 2015
  • Deadline for Black Knight to cover the V3 implementation is December 31st, 2015
  • What is the process to make the transition?
    1. Contact your NetDirector Integration Analyst to get the specifics on the items that have changed given your current portfolio of transactions with Black Knight.
    2. Complete the DISv3 Implementation Form and return to Under the 3rd party section, please use our company information, and Darren Meiggs’s contact information below.
      • NetDirector
        10951 Countryway Blvd.
        Suite 102
        Tampa, FL, 33626
      • Darren Meiggs
        Vice President of Operations
        Direct: 813.345.4634
    3. Black Knight will provide a Statement of Work (SOW) with the NetDirector baseline of DISv3 services to be enabled during the migration.
    4. Once the SOW is signed and returned to Black Knight, Black Knight will begin the implementation by scheduling a Kick-Off meeting with your NetDirector Integration Analyst, Black Knight Representative, and the person who will oversee the project from your firm.
    5. Implement any changes that are needed for the transition.
    6. Change your cross reference code that represents DISv2 to point to DISv3.


  • Invoice Management – LIVE!
  • Referrals and Workload – LIVE!
  • Documents (upload/download) – LIVE!
  • Standard Events (basic) – LIVE!
  • Launch Process/Add Hold/Fees & Costs/All other transactions – LIVE!
  • Standard Events (DDFs – Dynamic Data Forms) – Finalizing
  • Full cut-over available in Q2 2015

For more information, contact your Integration Analyst or Darren Meiggs at or 813.345.4634.