NetDirector Launches HealthData Exchange

NetDirector Launches their HealthData Exchange, with Emcare Rays and their Network of Healthcare Providers

TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 2, 2016 /reposted from PRNewswire/ — NetDirector, a leading cloud-based data exchange company, unveiled their HealthData Exchange in 2014 to address the number one issue in healthcare today: interoperability. The HealthData Exchange solution leverages over a decade of experience in providing integration platform services across disparate systems, based on NetDirector’s unique “integrate once” approach allowing healthcare providers to gain access to the entire HealthData ecosystem of systems and vendors. This approach eliminates the need to develop and maintain multiple data interfaces, ensures data integrity and security, and improves resource allocation. NetDirector is disrupting traditional models by bringing its significant experience of providing Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaas) solutions in the heavily regulated mortgage banking industry to healthcare.

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EmCare Rays offers a suite of radiology full-service solutions, teleradiology services, and technology products that improve operational efficiencies and enhance patient care. The radiology information system (RIS) utilized — called RaysTracker™ — can drive the entire RIS workflow for a facility with additional PACS features to streamline radiology effectiveness. The RaysTracker™ is a web-based system that provides real-time access to patient images, reports, a unified work list, quality assurance (QA), metrics and more.

Rays’ current ecosystem of radiology service interoperability includes hospital systems, standalone hospitals, radiology centers, and emergency centers. Transactions that are being processed by the HealthData Exchange include varying types of HL7 data such as orders, results, and demographics. As an extended workflow, several clients request Rays’ professional billing services and enable additional data exchange to a separate billing system through the HealthData Exchange. NetDirector is currently in the process of onboarding 4 new facilities and implementing the connection to a second billing system to create an even higher level of data congruence. NetDirector is already processing nearly one million healthcare transactions per month.

NetDirector’s HealthData Exchange removes the barriers of vendors needing to comply with each other’s standards. The solution allows any provider or vendor to send/receive transactions in a variety of formats including HL7, XML, JSON, or custom configured standards. This vendor-neutral interoperability platform is far superior to traditional point-to-point integrations used by the majority of providers and vendors. Seamless communication between providers, billing, labs, radiology and vendors is instrumental to achieving interoperability and providing better patient care across the continuum of systems and providers.

“Implementation of the NetDirector offering by EmCare Rays is a validation of the positive effect our interoperability platform can have on vendors and providers alike,” commented Harry Beisswenger, CEO of NetDirector.

NetDirector’s unique approach to interoperability provides some of the following differentiators:

  • Diverse data format support: XML, JSON and HL7
  • Connection agnostic: LLP, Web Services, SFTP.
  • Monitoring/Dashboard offers detailed interface metrics and alerts to ensure high availability
  • Store and forward provides short-term disaster recovery
  • Vendor Neutrality allows for expansive network of EMR, RIS, LIS integration partners
  • Unparalleled customer service via Dedicated Integration Analysts.
  • Consumption based pricing so customers only pay for their monthly transaction volume

“It has been a long time goal of ours to introduce our cloud-based data exchange solution to the healthcare industry,” said Beisswenger. “We have built a world class technology offering with an innovative approach that solves some of the most complex challenges of interoperability.”

Ivo Yueh, EmCare/Rays’ Director of IT Software Development, stated “We chose NetDirector to replace our current strategy of setting up point-to-point HL7 integrations with each customer.  We were also impressed with their ability to adapt their level of operational involvement to meet the complex needs of healthcare interoperability. With NetDirector, we believe that we can improve client integration turnaround time and reduce on-going support overhead.”

For more information about NetDirector’s new HealthData Exchange solution, please contact us at or call 813.774.4797.

Company Bio:

NetDirector provides a secure cloud-based data and document exchange solution for the healthcare and mortgage banking industries to deliver seamless interoperability between parties. NetDirector bridges gaps created by disparate systems & technologies by allowing companies at any location to share data & documents securely over a single internet connection with any other member of the ecosystem. Our approach can be re-used in any industry where trading partners need to collaborate and exchange data in a seamless bi-directional, real-time manner. NetDirector currently processes more than 10 million transactions per month.

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