Benefits of Invoice Status Request

  • Get paid faster
  • Reduce manual invoice tracking
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Save time and labor in invoice workflow

NetDirector recently launched a new transaction called the Invoice Status Request, along with the corresponding Invoice Status Response transaction.

When firms submit invoices through their platform, in the past they have had to check on the status of invoices manually. With the Invoice Status Request transaction, you can:

  • automate the checking of statuses for invoices
  • avoid additional manual maintenance and updating of invoice statuses
  • ensure accurate invoice tracking so that cash flow predictions are up-to-date

Status Response includes:

  • Accepted
  • Denied
  • Held
  • Received
  • and more

If your firm is interested in integrating the Invoice Status Request transaction, contact your integration analyst today for more information on the rapid integration process and the benefits for your firm.