Black Knight Financial Services

Black Knight V3 Update 2


Black Knight™ V3

We have been busy working with many of you on the Black Knight™ V3 transition. We have made a lot of progress; many customers are live and already taking full advantage of the 2015 incentives. Here’s a quick update on our progress.

New Features

  • Referrals – No more referral status. All “New” referrals will be determined by Process Type.
  • At this time “Document Uploads” will be limited to 8MB in V3 compared to 20MB in V2.
    • This is being reviewed by Black Knight management to possibly change.

Many V3 Functions are LIVE!

  • Invoice Management – LIVE!
  • Referrals and Workload – LIVE!
  • Documents (upload/download) – LIVE!
  • Standard Events (basic) – LIVE!
  • Launch Process/ Add Hold/Fees & Costs/All other transactions – LIVE!
  • Standard Events (DDFs – Dynamic Data Forms) – Finalizing

Need to know…

  • SSN functionality as it is in V2 and Bankruptcy information are now available.
  • The deadline for Black Knight to cover the V3 implementation is December 31st, 2015.
  • What is the process to make the transition?
  • Is there a reason I should make the transition?

Benefits of using
NetDirector vs. Connecting Directly

  • NetDirector manages all web service call changes, which can happen often with Servicer requirements shifting regularly
    • No UAT region sign-off or ongoing fees
  • Streamline business processes to improve inefficiencies
  • Improve or maintain high standards compliance
  • Reduce development resources
  • Significantly reduce overall costs

For more information, contact your Integration Analyst or Darren Meiggs at or 813.345.4634.